SANTA FE—Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Economic Recovery Council this week began reviewing new COVID-safe practices specific to a variety of industries in anticipation of a possible first-phase reopening of the state’s economy later this month.

One of the Council’s primary tasks is to help develop industry-specific COVID-safe Practices so that employers, workers and the public can have confidence when they return to work and to patronizing businesses.

The practices are being developed by subcommittees led by Cabinet secretaries and made up of representatives from a variety of industries, including restaurants, construction, auto sales, hotels and other hospitality, manufacturing and others.

The finished plans will include new requirements as well as recommended best practices.

“We’ve been really encouraged by the buy-in we’re getting from businesses around the state,” said Chairman Christina Campos, administrator of the Guadalupe County Hospital in Santa Rosa. “We’re getting some great ideas on how we can move forward safely.”

The CSP plans for specific industries will be in addition to the baseline COVID-safe Practices requirements for all employers that already have been released. 

“All of us on the Council know what it takes to run a business, so we have a stake in getting this right,” said Chairman Brian Moore, co-owner of the Ranch Market in Clayton.