Dear Licensees:

On April 6, 2020, the New Mexico Department of Health amended its Public Health Emergency Order in light of the continued threat of the COVID-19 pandemic to further restrict nonessential business operations and gatherings of people in essential business locations.

Pursuant to the Public Health Emergency Order, money services businesses have not been deemed as essential businesses in New Mexico and must cease standalone storefront operations immediately. Money services businesses operated from standalone storefront locations may not stay open by utilizing drive-through or curbside services to customers. All money services businesses providing money services via online or telephonic means may continue to provide those online or telephonic services so long as no in-person contact with customers is involved.

Money services businesses operating from locations that are physically located wholly within other businesses that have been deemed to be essential business (such as grocery stores or convenience stores) are allowed to stay open and continue to provide in-person services to customers. However, for such locations, the business must minimize operations and staff to the greatest extent possible. The six-foot social distancing requirements are still in effect. The maximum number of customers in a “retail space” shall be 20% of maximum occupancy as determined by your floor plan approved by the fire marshal.

New Mexico State Police will be out enforcing the Public Health Emergency Order and your cooperation and assistance is appreciated during the pendency of this health crisis. We understand the frustration and hardship this health crisis has caused but we can only get through this by cooperatively limiting potential exposure to the virus.

A copy of this letter and the April 6, 2020, Public Health Emergency Order are also available on the Financial Institutions Division website at the address listed above.

Christopher Moya