In light of the Wednesday, March 11, public health emergency declaredby Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, the New Mexico Environment Department is issuing the recommendations below to food facilities.

New Mexico law states that anyone working in a food establishment and experiencing symptoms of an acute onset of sore throat with fever shall be restricted in working in the food establishment.

Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, including a fever, cough, runny nose and difficulty breathing, should call (855) 600-3453 for direction from the New Mexico Department of Health.

The New Mexico Environment Department also recommends:

  1. Re-train staff on proper sanitation practices, including: proper sanitizer concentrations, which surfaces require sanitization and surface sanitization frequency.
  2. Increase the frequency of sanitization in front-of-house/common areas with special emphasis on door knobs, menus, condiments, seating, etc.
  3. At all times, ensure proper sanitizer concentrations:
    • Chlorine: 100-200 ppm
    • Quaternary ammonium: 200-400 ppm
    • Iodine: 12.5-25 ppm
  4. Remove reusable condiments from counters, tables, or in other common areas. Provide condiments upon request in single-serving sizes.
  5. Do not allow the use of or handle reusable containers brought into a food establishment by guests (i.e. travel mugs in coffee shops).
  6. Limit handling of guest utensils during dining experience. An example is limiting contact with glasses when refilling drinks.
  7. Re-train employees on proper hand washing and sanitizing procedures, especially after making contact with items used by guests (i.e. napkins, glasses, plates,silverware).
  8. Ensure staff do not handle ready-to-eat foods with bare hands, as required by law.
  9. Utilize staff to serve guests for buffet-style dining or suspend buffet-style offerings/dining.
  10. Discontinue providing food samples.


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