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Children Youth and Families Department

CYFD COVID-19 Updates and Resources

The following information, resources, and updates are listed to direct you to child welfare, juvenile justice, childcare, and behavioral health needs for children and youth related needs you may experience during the COVID-19 public health crisis.


Major Changes as a Result of the Coronavirus

Children’s Behavioral Healthcare Services

Youth Services

Youth Support Services and Active Therapy services are suspending group therapy services.

High fidelity wraparound, family and youth peer-to-peer services, and transitions supportive housing services will be provided remotely via phone or videoconference.

All other children’s behavioral healthcare services will continue.

Domestic Violence Services

We will continue to support domestic violence shelters during this period. Shelters will work to not turn community members away.

We will be providing hotel vouchers for Domestic Violence shelters who need to provide alternative accommodations due to Covid-19.

Youth Homelessness Services

We will continue to be available by phone and video conference to support our youth homelessness providers. We will be providing additional funding and/or assistance in obtaining food or necessary supplies for shelters as needed.

Protective Services

Statewide Central Intake:

Intake staff will continue to accept reports of child abuse and neglect 24/7. Report suspected child abuse by calling #SAFE or 1-855-333-SAFE (7233).

Investigation of child abuse and neglect:

Casework staff will respond to reports of abuse and neglect and will initiate the reports in person and will continue to follow up in person as appropriate.

If staff are having difficulty meeting with children and families they may request an appointment in the home. Staff will contact community partners or collateral sources by phone. Staff will be following best practices including social distancing during these appointments.

In-Home Services:

Child Welfare (CW) staff will continue to provide services for families that meet criteria for in-home services. Services are provided in the home by appointment. CW will coordinate services needed by appointment or by phone with community providers. Staff will be following best practices , including social distancing, during these appointments.

Case management for foster children in CYFD custody:

Staff will continue to coordinate all services needed for children in foster care. Child Welfare staff will meet with children by way of video chat or in person when absolutely necessary.

Out-of-state visits to children by New Mexico CYFD staff has been suspended. We are arranging supervision by staff in the receiving state and are conducting video visits with these children. Visitation with children and their parents will be by video or telephone only until at least April 26 per an order by the New Mexico Supreme Court. Staffings and multi-disciplinary team or team treatment team meetings will take place by phone or video call. Staff and attorneys will continue to attend court as required by phone or video.

Placement Services:

Staff will continue to provide placement services to prospective and/ or current foster parents. Home visits will take place via video chat or in person when absolutely necessary. Home studies and home visits will take place in the home of prospective foster parents in home by appointment. Social distancing and other best practices will be followed. Training will take place via remote-learning or one on one.

Youth Services:

Case management for young adults ( over 18 years of age) will take place in the community or home of the youth by appointment. Transition specialists will continue to support young people in person or by phone.

Central Office:

Calls to the constituent specialists for constituent reports will continue to take place by phone.

Interstate Compact for Placement will occur for the sending or receiving states.

Background checks will continue to be processed.

Adoption services will take place by phone. Contract compliance monitoring will take place by phone or email.

Child Placement Agency staff will conduct support and technical assistance by phone or email.

Payments for providers and foster parents will continue as scheduled

Central office will be open remotely with a skeleton crew that includes the receptionist and leadership staff.

Juvenile Justice Facilities

We will continue to provide the following services utilizing best practices (social distancing when feasible, enhanced cleanings and hygiene, etc.):

  • Phone and video visits
  • Transports for court hearings
  • Educational services for clients (on site)
  • Medical services both on site and in the community for specialized appointments or emergency services
  • Behavioral health services (telephonic/video visits)
  • Psychiatry services

In-person visitation at our state run facilities is suspended until further notice.

  • Alternatively, we are offering frequent phone and video visits
Juvenile Probation & Community Probation

Community Probation:

We will continue to have office check-ins that are scheduled including our preliminary inquiries and attendance at court hearings.

We will eliminate regular office check-ins and will be moving all visits to the community.

Juvenile Probation:

We will remain in contact with families and make sure they are connected to appropriate services. We will assist with community events involving youth that are not able to attend school including assisting with food distribution to children, families, and seniors.