ROSWELL — Indoor dining is not permitted under the current public health order. In addition, state COVID-Safe Practices clearly describe acceptable and safe outdoor dining conditions, including:

  • Opening a garage door or all windows does not constitute an outdoor dining area.
  • The area must be open on at least three sides when in use for outdoor dining. Tent sidewalls may be added for security when the facility is not in use.
  • Tents may be utilized if approved by the appropriate local government agency.
  • Expansions of outdoor service areas must be approved by the appropriate local government agency. 

“These measures are in place to protect employees and customers at New Mexico’s restaurants,” said Environment Department Cabinet Secretary James Kenney. “My Department is committed to protecting public health by preventing the spread of COVID-19.”

Restaurants in the City of Roswell – and throughout New Mexico – must follow COVID-Safe Practices, as well as current public health orders, or they will be faced with enforcement actions, which may include food permit suspension, fines or legal consequences. 

The Food Program of the New Mexico Environment Department regulates all New Mexico food establishments outside of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.