On March 11, 2020, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham declared a public health emergency and issued Executive Order 2020-004. The Board of Social Work Examiners (Board) is aware that due to this public health emergency testing services may not be available to licensees with provisional licensure. The Board recognizes that the closure of testing centers may result in the expiration of provisional licenses that have been issued pursuant to the Social Work Practices Act (Act). Therefore, the Board is hereby approving the following procedures:

  1. Individuals holding a provisional license unable to take and pass the national examination within the twelve (12) month period as provided in NMAC, due to testing center closure during the public health emergency, should submit a written statement requesting an extension of a provisional license via email to the Board’s Administrator at socialworkboard@state.nm.us.
  2. The written statement should inform the Board of the circumstances surrounding their request for an extension. The Board Chair will review and approve a preliminary extension not to exceed six (6) months from the date the public health emergency is lifted. The written statement will be provided to the Board at the Board’s next scheduled regular meeting for final ratification of the extension.
  3. The extension period will apply to extend the original twelve (12) month period allotted to the provisional licensee for successful completion of the national examination, as provided in NMAC. The licensee’s provisional license will remain valid during the extension period.
  4. If an individual is not able to take the national examination within the extension period, the individual should notify the Board as soon as is practicable. Failure to take the national examination within the extension period, or to notify the Board that an individual has been unable to take the national examination within such period, could result in disciplinary action against the individual’s provisional license by the Board.
  5. Because the duration of the public health emergency and its consequent impact on testing centers are yet unknown, the Board may revise the procedures set forth in this Notice as needed. This may include revising the length of the extension period described in paragraph 2 of this Notice.
  6. The provisions of this Notice shall not apply to any provisional license holder whose provisional license became invalid prior to March 11, 2020.
  7. Any questions regarding this Notice should be directed to the Board via the Board Administrator email address: socialworkboard@state.nm.us.