Due to the public health emergency declared by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham in Executive Order 2020-004, and to the potential lack of access to notary services, the Private Investigations Advisory Board (Board) will implement the following procedures through the Regulation and Licensing Department, Boards and Commissions staff:

  1. All requests for suspension of submission of notary requirements shall be made in writing to the Board the following email address: pipolygraphbd@state.nm.us
  2. All requests for suspension of submission of notary requirements must include an explanation regarding why the applicant was not able to obtain notary services, in the context of Executive Order 2020-015, which permits notarial services to be delivered through visual technology under certain circumstances. See EO 2020-015 at the following Internet link: https://cv.nmhealth.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/2020-015-notaries.pdf
  3. All requests will be reviewed and approved by the Board Chair. The renewal applicant will receive written approval or denial from the Board Chair. Denials will not be subject to review by any other entity.
  4. After the renewal applicant’s written request is approved in writing, if all other license renewal requirements are met, the license will be renewed without the submission of notary requirements.
  5. When the public health emergency is lifted, Boards and Commissions staff will send out a notice to licensees stating that the licensee has three (3) months from the date the emergency is lifted, to submit any required documentation with notary requirements