SANTA FE – The state Supreme Court today paused evictions for New Mexicans who prove they are unable to pay rent on the land where they park a mobile home that they own.

The Court’s latest order temporarily postpones the carrying out of eviction orders against New Mexicans who provide a judge with evidence that they are unable to pay their rent on a mobile home lot. This action offers the same protections against the loss of housing during the COVID19 public health emergency that the Court provided Tuesday to tenants of apartments and other places of residence.

The governor has directed New Mexicans to stay at home, except under limited circumstances. Temporarily preventing evictions from being carried out because of a person’s inability to pay rent will help families and individuals follow the governor’s directive to remain in their homes to help guard against the spread of COVID-19.

The Court issued a new order today because different provisions of state law apply to people renting mobile home lots than to tenants of apartments and other dwellings covered by rental agreements under the Uniform Owner-Resident Relations Act.

If a landlord begins an eviction proceeding, the renter will receive a summons that notifies them of the lawsuit and explains that they can participate in a hearing before a judge. Court hearings are conducted by video or telephone during the public health emergency, unless the parties ask to appear in person. To stop an eviction, renters – whether of land in a mobile home park or an apartment – must participate in the hearing and provide the judge with evidence of their current inability to pay their rent.