Travel restrictions at the southern border took effect March 21 at midnight. The restrictions focused on non-essential travel from Mexico—tourism, shopping and visiting family, etc. Essential travel, according to the notice by the Department of Homeland Security, includes:

  • US citizens and Legal Permanent Residents returning to the United States
  • People traveling for medical purposes
  • Traveling to educational institutions (Students with proper visas will not be allowed to cross if their school is not in session according to CBP)
  • People traveling to work with proper work visas, including folks working in the farming and ag industry.
  • People traveling for emergency response and public health purposes
  • Individuals engaged in cross-border trade, truck drivers, cowboys at cattle crossing, brokers, lead cars with oversized vehicles, etc.
  • Official government travel or diplomatic travel.
  • Members of the US armed forces and spouses and children returning to the US and people engaged in military travel.

New Mexico Main Street sent out revised New Mexico Resiliency Alliance funding priorities for their Resillient Communities Grants funds available for local New Mexico MainStreet programs. Funding priorities are shifting to Economic Vitality projects that demonstrate an immediate and positive impact to support and/or stabilize small businesses in MainStreet districts. Applications are due April 23rd.